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Unit: Staff ---Unit Supervisor---Deputy Manager---Manager---Deputy General Manager --- General Manager

Platform: Staff----Team Leader---Deputy Manager---Manager---Deputy General Manager --- General Manager

1:Training of new employees: Arrange for a master mentoring until the post independent operation;
(1)Object: all new staff.
(2)Objective: new employees understand the corporate culture and product knowledge and job skills to help employees integrate into the company.
(3)Content: corporate culture, the companys basic system, the mentality of thinking, ideas, product knowledge, job skills, etc.

2:On-the-job employees training;
(1)Object: On-the-job staff.
(2)Objective: enhance their professional skills, comprehensive quality.
(3)Content: post professional skills, experience sharing and the five management(mentality, goals, time, learning, action).

3:Enterprise backbone and Manager training;
(1)Object: backbones, manager and above management personnel.
(2)Objective: enhance the comprehensive quality of senior management personnel.
(3)Time: no regular.
(4)Content: target management, team building and management, human resource management, employee motivation skills、cost management, performance management, emotional intelligence management and high efficiency Conference.
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