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BORDAR GROUP is a multinational enterprise group of trading and industries in the areas of house & home. The home office is located in China ceramics city of FoShan. Based on the African market, BORDAR GROUP is setting up overseas sales branch with distribution network and customers, and training local sales teams. In South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia, where we have a stable market share and huge growth potential. BORDAR has set up overseas branches, selling own self-brands of building materials ,furniture or other house holding goods through distribution channels and our own project exhibition hall. BORDAR has our own professional teams and one-step project solution. BORDAR GROUP now is one of the largest exporter of building materials to Africa. As the implementation of the diversified business strategy, and African market gradually become the worlds emerging investment hot spots, the growth of BORDAR will be rising rapidly.
In order to maintain and attract more and more diversified building material customers, we are actively promoting a multi-brand strategy. BORDAR GROUP core brand "Goodone" 、 "niceone" 、 "RAFFO", very well-known in the Africa market. In 2014, a number of FMCG brands listed in the Africa market, further expand BORDAR market in FMCG industry.

Goodone is a international building materials brand. In Tanzania and its surrounding countries, Goodone is one of the most influential, the largest market share, the most famous brand. Goodone brands core appeal is: Good quality. We are committed to providing high quality ceramics and sanitary products for ordinary families. Let every ordinary families around the world, can be accessed through the use of Goodone products, to achieve the dream of home life.

RAFFO is a high-end tiles & bath brand. Its brand name is derived from the great Italian artist Raffaello. We are committed to provide the most fashion sense, stylish and beautifully designed, excellent work product to the client who pay attention to the taste and personality, to bring its unique home experience. RAFFO With a unique style, high-quality, excellent service, in the South African market with a high reputation.

Niceone is a daily household brand, into the African market for many years. Niceones product line is variety complete, diverse species. We are committed to bring ordinary families better daily life experience. Niceone is very popular in Tanzania and the surrounding market, also because of its excellent quality and service won a high reputation.
Shinypearl is a oral care brands, 2015 listed in the East African market.
Niceone is a washing powder brand, 2014 listed in the East African market.
Neet is a high-end washing powder brand, 2014 listed in the East African market.
My girl is a female health care brand, 2015 listed in the East African market.
Kisskids is a baby diapers brand, 2014 listed in the East African market.
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