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BORDAR GROUP is a multinational company engaged in building materials and daily commodity business. Since Tanzania company was opened, we have now about 1500 employees from China and other countries working for our company, and in several foreign countries we have set branch offices, oversea logistics center, the building materials factory, stores, etc.

For employees, our BORDAR home culture, honesty and unity here is not only a word. Our culture of Pragmatic and innovative spirit, positive attitude, mentoring and coaching practices, allow us to cultivate a large number of outstanding and honest talents! Let many people admire.

Hence, we can confidently say, BORDAR will be your first choice which will allow you to grow so fast and also provide you a big platform to improve your personal character and professional skills , you will find difficult to find the second one like BORDAR.

To customers, we have big ambition, and we do believe honesty is the base to build century history enterprise. We need build the confidence for our customer that it will be a trust and sustainable business to work with BORDAR; Our " Customer always comes first " values, to make the customer save worry, more happy. We may not say much, but we do things in a honesty and reliable manner.

Therefore, we are very confident of say: its hard to find a reliable partner like us.
We look forward to having more friend and building up more friendship, through our character and action.

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